United nations Human Rights Council

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), is a relatively younger council of the organization and has 47 Member States that the General Assembly elects. It deals with the protection and promotion of Human Rights in every country and seeks out if any violations are being made. The sorted issues are then addressed in this council and resolutions are developed which can be later submitted to other councils as well.

Topic A

Dealing with Health Emergencies in Refugee Camps

Topic B

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

Ahmed Rayyan Abbassi

Rayyan is a freshman at the American University of Sharjah majoring in industrial engineering and an avid enthusiast of economics and politics. This has led him to be a veteran in MUNs with a record 11 delegate awards out of 12 MUNs as a delegate. He was a core team member of DSMUN 18 and Secretary General of DSMUN 19. Simultaneously he was Head Boy and then President of his school and maintains an advisory position to the Forbes listed Chairman’s office of the Paradigm Pioneers group. To all delegates he has the same message; “Be into what you are doing. Whether it’s the first time or the hundredth. Socialize, make friends, and always ensure you try to concentrate on the debate at hand. Lastly, at an MUN, we need to remember two points at the very least: Every country can make an enormous difference to the debate and that we are all here to grow as a person.”

Fatma Ghayyour

Fatma has a keen interest in the field of International Relations and MUN and plans on perusing it in the future. UNSC is the most powerful body in the world which aims at tackling issues
related to international peace and security. Keeping that in mind she expects the highest level of debate and constructive resolutions presented in committee. Fatma hopes that each and every delegate of the UNSC is able to put forth their points and views. She wishes everyone all the very best.